Photo gallery. Battlefields, mindsets, consequences of forced incursions. Europe; and Moscow-St.Petersburg. Do we forget too soon.

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Studying War. Battle of Grunwald, Poles and Lithuanians prevail over Germanic Teutonic Knights, 1410, Poland
Studying War. Jovan Plamenac, politician and opposied to unification of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, WWI era; WWII executed 1944 by communist partisans, memorial behind monastery at Cetinje, Montenegro communist Southern Southern? Cetinje, Montenegro, Please translate to confirm or correct.
Studying War. Battle of Teutoborg Forest, ceremonial mask found, Roman. Gauls defeat Roman Legion or other large military group headed by Varius, defeated by insurgent Gauls headed by Arminius, 9CE, area of Germania: old Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. , other evidence at Kalkreis, north of Osnabruck, Germany.,
Studying War. Ostrog Monastery, upper area, high cliffside, Located between Podgorica and Niksic. Original constructions began 1600’s to prepare for feared invaasions of Ottomans, current structyre 1923 after fire and other damage. Monastery is also the burial place of St. Vasilije, (Basil) of Ostrog.
Studying War. Prislop Pass, Romania. High point where the great foresets and mountains stopped the Mongol Horde who had briefly advanced, we were told, from flatter areas Ukraine and Moldova. See a topographical map with the town of Suceava, Romania, for location. The topping tree: tales various include good fortune, or thanksgiving that noone died in the construction, or that construction is complete.
Studying War. Merry Cemetery, Sapanta, Maramures, Romania. Managing the commonality of death. Grave markings include scene carvings of how the person died, inclding by firing squad, other violence, and the nature of an accident.
Russia, Moscow subway. Revolution.
Studying War. Partisans at Belorusskaya, honoring defenses WWII at forests of Belarus. Moscow metro, 1952 installation. Stalin 1878-1953,
Studying War, armor to fit woman, Canton of Vaud, Castle Veytaux, Switzerland.
Studying War. Crematorium and gas chamber, Auschwitz Concentration Camp, WWII, Osweicim, Germany
Studying War. Second floor, residence apartment of Grigori Rasputin, spiritual and other advisor to Romanovs after arrriving in St. Petersburg 1904. Lived with his daughters. Various religious connection, believed by Romanovs to have healed son Alexander, and obtained recoveries re his inherited hemophilia. Rasputin was assassinated in 1916, plot of several nobles feeling threat of his influence over Czar Nicholas and Czarina Alexandra.
Studying War. Parade honoring returning military heroes from Iraq. Copenhagen, Denmark..
Studying War. Ottoman invasions. Poinari Citadel., Carpathian Mountains. A stronghold of Vlad Tepes used in the 15th C. Arrive by1480-concrete step walk-up to the ruin. Dan Widing and Carol. Tired.